Foam Extinguishing Systems

Foam extinguishing systems are used to extinguish flammable and liquid chemicals to prevent the growth of fire by interfering with the flammable zone.


"Foam" based extinguishing systems, including synthetic based, protein based, film forming and alcohol resistant types; it is mostly used for extinguishing fuel and flammable liquid fires.

Automatic and manual foam fire extinguishing systems which can also be created; It is used to prevent the growth of fire by intervening the burning zone immediately.

Types of Fire that the Foam is Effective

Crude oil fires,
Gazolin fires,
Jet fuel fires,
Petrol fires,
Fuel oil fires,
Naphtha fires,
Fires coming out of the alcohols,
Fires coming out of the kettle,
Fires coming into the ether,
Fires coming up in the ranks.

Characteristics of foam fire extinguishing systems with an effective extinguishing effect

1. Prevents evaporation on the fuel surface.
2. Helps to cool metal surfaces on or around the fuel surface.
3. Allows the flame to separate the fuel surface.