Spring Sprinkler Systems

Spring sprinkler systems take smoke signals at the time of fire and switch to automatic extinguishing mode and intervene in fire extinguishment.



Spring sprinkler systems are automatic fire extinguishing systems that are used to intervene in the fire most quickly and effectively. An active fire extinguishing system, Sprinkler provides automatic extinguishing with high pressure and flow rate thanks to the network-like distributed piping system and pump unit.
They are applied to all residential and commercial high buildings, shopping centers, education, health care buildings, car parks, commercial, warehousing, production and similar structures using the proper sprinkler heading and system.


There are four types of sprinkler (sprinkler) fire extinguishing system.

1-Wet Pipe Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System
2-Dry Pipe Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System
3-Deluge (Dominant) Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System
4-Pre-Action Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System,