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Founded in 2005, Asya Air Conditioning Systems has been in development since the date of establishment and has achieved the ability to do all mechanical installation works. As of now, the number of personnel working within our company has reached the highest level. In the framework of technological developments, as a company that fully adopts expertise and quality, we provide our customers with efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective services.

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Air Conditioning Systems

Our professional team constantly follows the technological developments, cooling, heating, refining, ventilation and fire systems without compromising quality we offer services with affordable costs.

Cooling Systems

Thanks to the advanced technology suitable for hot weather conditions in summer, we are developing projects suitable for the space conditions of the customers.
Central Air Conditioning Systems

VRV is a central air conditioning system developed for residential and commercial environments, also known as variable flow refrigerant systems.

Rooftop Systems

The Rooftop air conditioning system is a compact device for use in multifunctional air conditioning systems designed to be installed in an external environment.

Chiller Cooling Systems

Chiller cooling systems are generally the system that provides cooling of the environment by throwing out the heated air in the space.

VRV Air Conditioning Systems

Vrf air conditioning system with smart technology, smart buildings, companies, hotels and luxury villas are the air conditioning system that has been needed for years.

Ventilation Systems

Asian Air conditioning ventilation systems change the contaminated air in the environment at a certain speed and allow the fresh air in the environment to be transferred silently to the inner environment.
Car Park Ventilation Systems

Parking Ventilation systems have become increasingly important with the increasing number of multi-storey car parks.

Jet Fan Systems

Jet Fan Systems are used to control, direct and evacuate the airflow of car parks and enclosed spaces. The cost is convenient.

Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems help to recover the heat energy it consumes by carrying out fresh air transfer with ventilation devices.

Air Handling Units

Air handling unit systems, used in the weather conditions of buildings and neighborhoods that are quite large, provide a suitable ambient temperature and fresh air.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire extinguishing systems with large areas of the factory, workshop, school, stadium, warehouse and large plaza buildings, such as the application we provide your security.
Hood Extinguishing Systems

The fire extinguishing systems automatically interfere with the fire during the fire.

Stair Pressurization Systems

Stair pressurization systems help prevent smoke entry into fire escapes in all enterprises.

Smoke Evacuation Systems

Smoke evacuation systems, smoke from the fire caused by the evacuation of the smoke through the interior of the system allows the smoke out.

Gas Extinguishing Systems

Gas extinguishing systems, without leaving any residue, absorbs heat allows the flames to go out. In addition, there is no harm to people and the environment.

Foam Extinguishing Systems

Foam fire extinguishing systems interfere with the flammable area by using flammable and liquid chemicals to prevent fire.

Hydrant Systems

In case of danger of fire, the Hydrant Systems interfere with fires that cannot be extinguished in the first intervention and prevents the fire from spreading to the environment.

Fire Cabinet Systems

Fire cabinet systems are special pumps which provide enough water in the building at the time of fire. This system helps in the immediate response to fire.

Spring Sprinkler Systems

Spring sprinkler systems receive smoke signals in the event of fire and switch to automatic extinguishing mode and intervenes in fire extinguishing.

Automation Systems

Asia Air Conditioning Automation systems, homes, buildings, restaurants, cafes, offices and hotels, specially developed for your work will make it easier.
Air Conditioning Automation Systems

Air Conditioning Automation Systems are intended for heating, cooling and providing suitable humidity conditions for industrial and comfort applications.

Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning automation systems are generally low-cost systems used in shopping centers, large buildings and business centers.

Purification Systems

With our wide product range in treatment systems, we provide you with the most cost-effective service without sacrificing quality in order to provide safe, clean and potable water.
Chemical Purification Systems

Chemical treatment systems can be used in the treatment of water by using in factories and production facilities with industrial wastewater generation.

Industrial Treatment Systems

Industrial treatment systems help you save money by ensuring that your workplaces are cleaned up unconsciously.

Domestic Waste Treatment Systems

Industrial treatment systems help you save money by ensuring that your workplaces are cleaned up unconsciously.

General Mechanical Installation Systems

General Mechanical Installation Systems; This standard covers all the components of the internal systems of buildings, which are designed to increase living standards and comfort in building, industrial and construction works. Therefore, each system is compatible with each other and working as support, helps to create the total quality.

All technical inspection and control services related to the preparation of the files, projects and pictures related to other mechanical and all kinds of heat equipment of the buildings and facilities and their implementation are carried out according to the laws and regulations in accordance with the harmonization and unity of the technique and profession.

- Natural Gas and NLP Gas Installations
- Plumbing
- Hot Oil Installation
- Steam Installation
- Dehumidification Installation
- Pool Facilities
- Compressed Air Installation
- Soft and Hard Water Installation

Project Consulting

Project and Consultancy In coordination with the architectural-construction and electrical installation project planning units, plumbing, heating installation, joint installation, ventilation installation, cooling installation, fire installation, laundry installation, kitchen installation and automation projects preparation and implementation of the project is provided by the projecting unit.
Based on our experience in the sector (EU, TUBITAK, KOSGEB, Development Agencies, UN, World Bank, etc.).

After sales services

After Sales Services All of the services made, project design and all the productions are under the guarantee of our company. All the productions are under the supervision of our company during the warranty period, quality is always at the forefront of failure and other issues are provided in all kinds of services.
Ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty is not easy. However, it is very easy to lose satisfaction and commitment. This is due to the weakness of the after sales services. Every business that wants to grow and become permanent should give importance to the after sales support as well as the sales. Because, keeping a current customer today is more difficult than finding a new customer.