Central Air-Conditioning System

VRF, vrf or DVM s systems are preferred in buildings such as offices, shopping centers, residences and plazas since they operate with minimum cost and maximum energy savings.

Central Air-Conditioning System

VRF, VRV or variable displacement refrigerant system called and known as VRS, VRF systems, central air-conditioning systems are developed for residential and commercial environments.
Central air conditioning systems in indoor environments in terms of technology in people's lives and easier to warm up in order to facilitate VRF air conditioning system provides cool to the external environment.

VRF air conditioning systems, where energy saving is a priority shopping centers, plazas, offices, hotels, housing in areas such as heating and cooling are more preferred. Heating and cooling indoor unit flexible option in meeting the needs due to the presence of the property is suited to all settings.

Features A Central Air Conditioning System

1. Inventories this high pressure sozellig is designed to have good compression.
2. Providing a compression control to consume minimum energy and larger features.
3. The frequency range is set so as to provide energy savings.
4. Oil separation oil separation technology, provides two kademli energy efficiency and maximizes the efficiency.


Central Air Conditioning System Features

1. These inventors are designed to have good compression at high pressure.
2. They consume minimal energy and have the ability to provide greater compression control.
3. The frequency range is set to provide energy savings.
4. İki kademli yağ ayırma teknolojisi enerji verimliliğini sağladığı gibi yağ ayırma verimliliğini de maksimuma çıkarmaktadır.