DX cooling systems

Dx cooling system and indoor air quality depending on the conditions of human density, fresh air heating and cooling provides meet the needs and the environment


Fresh air indoor air quality human density and depending on the conditions and environment required to meet the needs of the VRF outdoor unit air and heat which enables it to be heated and cooled after passing through the coil, inside the building moved with the help of the channels, and to the environment that allows devices to blow.
VRF heating and cooling operations and without requiring additional accessories image and eliminates noise pollution made based on the external unit. DX air conditioning system by connecting santralli 900 kW capacity at a single plant and tens of thousands m2 area of the heating and cooling process takes place.

The characteristics of the system DX

1. Can be done with a single VRF outdoor unit for heating and cooling,
2. Small and medium-scale plants only with the investment offers a quick and easy solution.
3. Maintenance costs compared to other systems has a very low cost.
4. It is long lasting compared to conventional devices.
5. Features low noise level.