Rooftop Systems

Rooftop Air Conditioning refrigerant systems are designed to be mounted to the external environment, versatile and efficient an air conditioning unit.


Rooftop, rooftop package air conditioners. Outdoor unit and indoor unit. Rooftop areas, the main usage of large commercial buildings, airports, restaurants, shops, cinema and theater halls, conference halls, industrial buildings and logistics centers. Our models are changing based on the location and size of the venue.
Rooftop of the air inside the working system that you can use from taking advantage of the designated places where the ambient air is located inside the space to provide fresh air and to clear the air.

Devices, there are three general categories according to use:

Residences; up to 19 kW
Small commercial buildings; 40 kW
Large commercial buildings; above 40 kW

The Advantages Of Rooftop Air Conditioners

1.Which can handle high capacities heating/cooling feature. (200 kW)
2.In the body of a single Air Conditioning (cooling/heating/ventilation/humidity control) that could be carried out it is possible.
3.Cooling only or heating/cooling models.
4.Just requires a system channel. The system is simply the connection to the channel input/output consists of their mouths.
5.Necessary power and device equipped on the Control Panel. Microprocessor models, the features, thanks to much more possibilities.
6.Wide accessory facilities are available. All the accessories can easily be mounted in the main body with a design that after the initial phase, even though the system can be added.


Advantages of Rooftop Air-conditioners

1.There is a heating / cooling feature that allows high capacities. (Up to 200 Kw)
2.It is possible to carry out air conditioning (cooling / heating / ventilation / humidity control) in a single body.
3.There are only cooling or heating / cooling models.
4.It only needs a channel system. The connection to the system simply consists of the channel input / output ports.
5.Equipped on the device with the required power and control panel. Microprocessor models provide much wider possibilities for use thanks to their unique features.
6.Çok geniş aksesuar olanakları mevcuttur. Tüm aksesuarlar ana gövdede kolayca monte edilebilen bir dizayn ile ilk tesis aşamasından sonra dahi sisteme ilave edilebilmektedir.