Chiller Cooling System

Chiller cooling systems to cool the environment by expelling the heated air in the neighborhood in general is a system that allows. 2, divided by

Chiller Cooling Systems

Chiller cooling systems in general by expelling the heated air in the neighborhood is a system that allows the environment to be cooled. Chiller cooling systems, heating systems, compared to a capacity mahal conditioning properties. Chiller devices are divided into two main groups.

Air-Cooled Chiller

Plastic and rubber is preferred as the Cooling method is intensive in the production process. Thanks to air cooling condenser device and with fans on, it cools the refrigerant from the concert last. Air-cooled Chiller models are usually built in the place that was airy and systems that are suitable to be placed on the roof of the business. Chiller Models are deployed in areas where water productivity is low.

Water-Cooled Chiller

Water-cooled chiller, the condenser of the cooling device with water system. Condenser shell and tube (Sleeve-Type) or heat exchanger(plate type) device. In a portion of the internal volume of the condenser circulates the water returning from the cooling tower.The refrigerant is superheated in the other section in the form of steam.


Water Cooled Chille

Water-cooled chiller, condenser water-cooled device system. Condenser is a device with a shell and tube (heat exchanger) or heat exchanger (plate type). In some part of the inner volume of the condenser, water circulating through the cooling tower circulates. In the outer part there is a refrigerant in the form of superheated steam.