Dvm Air Conditioning System

DVM system air conditioners, a large number of internal IP or the external unit depending on a few variable unit package air conditioning systems.


DVM (Digital Variable Multi) system in air conditioners, or a few, depending on the external unit the internal IP of the variable, a large number of air conditioning systems package unit system.
The most important feature of DVM system air conditioners, gas distribution pipeline, and the presence of more than one ceiling type, cassette type, Hall type, wall type and floor type, such as internal units can be mounted easily.
In addition to energy savings of air conditioners DVM system offers very good comfort conditions, and cooling system at the same time in a room in the building, while other parts can be heated.

Dvm (Digital Variable Multi) Air Conditioners Features

1. The high-capacity modules, thanks to a lighter footprint and fewer units
2. Inverter PCB cooling system with refrigerant,
3. Software-based addressing and advanced service Facilities
4. Durable shaft (370 N/mm2, Brinell hardness 269),
5. Rotation with continuous Heating defrost (HR model),
6. Asymmetric Scroll design
7. 8400 RPM high-speed compressor,
8. Best energy efficiency with average litter 4,71,
9. High energy efficiency,


Dvm (Digital Variable Multi)  Klimaların Özellikleri

1. Yüksek kapasiteli modüller sayesinde daha az kaplama alanı ve daha hafif üniteler,
2. Soğutucu akışkan ile Inverter PCB soğutma sistemi,
3. Yazılım tabanlı adresleme ve gelişmiş servis imkanları,
4. Dayanıklı şaft (370 N/mm2, 269 Brinell sertliği),
5. Rotasyonlu defrost ile kesintisiz ısıtma (HR model),
6. Dayanıklı şaft (370 N/mm2, 269 Brinell sertliği),
7. Asimetrik Scroll tasarımı,
8. 8400 RPM yüksek hızlı kompresör,
9. 4,71 ortalama COP ile en iyi enerji verimliliği,
10. Yüksek enerji verimliliği,