VRV air conditioning systems

There is a need for correct phase and this heating and cooling Vrf air conditioning system refrigerant as needed at the right time and place can be shipped.


The words formed from the initial letters of variable refrigerant volume VRV, variable refrigerant volume air conditioning system displacement means. The Distributor unit is placed in an external gas flow with the external environment with the help of multiple indoor direct-expansion air conditioning systems unit, which can be checked independently.

VRF air conditioning systems, advanced control, and is equipped with a flow control unit. The correct phase refrigerant as needed and at the right time to be used in heating and cooling can be shipped to where it is needed and provides.

Areas Of Use Of VRV Air Conditioning Systems

1. Glass curtain-sided buildings, or the exterior architectural elements of historic buildings in the foreground is suitable for use in unwanted deformation.
2. The refrigerant pipes inside the building covers a very large area compared to that of the passing air channels are used in buildings where it is difficult.
3. Allocatable enough space for mechanical equipment, open-air coolant system (roof garden) are preferred for structures that need to be put into.
4. The villa is suitable for use in comfort air conditioning system is desired at each point.


Vrv Klima Sistemlerinin Kullanım Alanları

1. Cam giydirme cepheli binalar, mimari unsurların ön planda olduğu ya da dış cephesinde deformasyon istenmeyen tarihi yapılarda kullanım için uygundur.
2. Bina içinde soğutucu gaz borularına göre çok büyük yer kaplayan hava kanallarının geçirilmesinin zor olduğu yapılarda kullanılmaktadır.
3. Mekanik tesisata yeterince yer ayrılamayan, soğutucu sistemin açık havaya (çatı, bahçe) konulması gereken yapılarda tercih edilmektedir.
4. Her noktasında konfor istenen villalarda kullanım için uygun klima sistemidir.