Fire Fighting Systems

We are working for your safety with fire figthing systems. Fire figthing systems are applied in buildings with large areas such as workshops, stadiums.

Yangın Söndürme  Sistemleri
Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire protection systems, Turkey Fire Regulations - NFPA 13 sprinkler system design - NFPA 14 firefighting system for buildings - NFPA 20 fire pump system is designed and implemented in accordance with system standards and system testing.

- Spring Sprinkler Systems
- Fire Cabinet Systems
- Hydrant Systems
- Foam Extinguishing Systems
- Gas Extinguishing Systems
- Smoke Evacuation Systems
- Stair Pressurization Systems
- Hood Extinguishing Systems


- Spring Yağmurlama Sistemleri
- Yangın Dolap Sistemleri
- Hidrant Sistemleri
- Köpüklü Söndürme Sistemleri
- Gazlı Söndürme Sistemleri
- Duman Tahliye Sistemleri
- Merdiven Basınçlandırma Sistemleri
- Davlumbaz Söndürme Sistemleri