Gas Extinguishing Systems

Gas extinguishing systems extinguish flames by absorbing heat without leaving any residue. In addition, there is no harm to people and the environment.


Gas extinguishing systems extinguish the fire by reducing the temperature of the environment and reducing the amount of oxygen in the environment below the combustion limit. In gas fire extinguishing systems, volume protection is taken as basis. For this reason, it is necessary to calculate the net volume of the area to be implemented. While the net volume of the protected area is calculated; the volume of fixed structures (column, beam) located in the site is reduced from the volume of the site. In addition, suspended ceilings and raised floor volumes in the nail should be added to the net volume. After this point, taking into account the basic requirements of the extinguishing system to be designed, the preliminary calculations, detail planning and projecting calculation process are re-established according to the current situation.