Car Park Ventilation Systems

Carpark ventilation systems clean ambient air by allowing the exhaust fumes in the parking lot and the release of carbon monoxide gas.


Parking Ventilation Systems

Parking ventilation systems have become increasingly important with the increasing number of indoor multi-storey car parks. Multi-storey underground car parks in the basements and ground floors of complexes such as cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, airports, bus stations, which are often visited by crowded crowds, are trying to respond to the parking needs of city centers. Parking in such car parks increases the importance of systems that must be activated instantaneously during a busy fire and emergency escape when they are busy. Smoke control systems are one of the important systems to protect the life of crowded parking lot in this context.



Indoor Car Parks


In Daily Work, the total parking capacity should provide 6 Air Change. For Smoke Evacuation, 10 air changes of single storey parking volume in case of emergency should be provided. In a ventilation shaft, the total ventilation load should be divided by 50% into two equivalent fans. The fans must be capable of operating for a minimum of 300 C and 2 hours. For Ducted Systems, 50% of the exhaust vents should be exhausted at high (close to) levels and 50% at low (near) levels. Fresh Air Resources should be considered. If natural fresh air intake does not occur at an average level, fresh air should be provided by means of fans.