Fire Figthing Systems

We are working for your safety with fire figthing systems. Fire figthing systems are applied in buildings with large areas such as workshops, stadiums.

Hood Extinguishing Systems

The hood extinguishing systems are automatically activated during the fire thanks to the detectors in the hood to provide fire intervention.

Stair Pressurization Systems

Stairways pressurization system help prevent smoke from entering the fire ladders in all businesses.

Gas Extinguishing Systems

Gas extinguishing systems extinguish flames by absorbing heat without leaving any residue. In addition, there is no harm to people and the environment.

Foam Extinguishing Systems

Foam extinguishing systems are used to extinguish flammable and liquid chemicals to prevent the growth of fire by interfering with the flammable zone.

Systems, Fire Cabinet

Special pump systems that provide enough water to the building at the time of fire. Thanks to this system, the fire will intervene immediately.

Spring Sprinkler Systems

Spring sprinkler systems take smoke signals at the time of fire and switch to automatic extinguishing mode and intervene in fire extinguishment.